Think you're ready to pass your driving test? Read this first.

By Regan
Learning to Drive


Do you really know what is required to pass the driving test?


Our driving instructors have many years of professional driving experience and have seen it all - including temper tantrums when drivers fail their test and blame the examiner for having a bad day!

Be prepared


Many learner drivers do not realise the level of skills and competency required nor what they are actually being tested for on the road.

Here are 6 tips on how to be best prepared and what is required to pass the test from one of our experienced driving instructors.


  1. Competency is skill, knowledge and attitude. The Transport and Main Roads (Q) practical driving test is a competency based on road driving test. You need to demonstrate this competency during your practical test or you will not pass.


  1. The driving test is an obstacle course. Do you have the driving skill, knowledge and experience to easily observe and assess the road ahead of you and to make safe choices in limited time? Many learner drivers fail their driving test by misreading or not observing other traffic and hazards, operating their vehicle with reduced safety margins, not observing speed signs, multi lane markings, stop lines or turn right only lanes.


  1. Get out of your comfort zone. If your supervised driving has only involved known streets and locations give some consideration to practising in unknown and unfamiliar busy areas. Many learner drivers fail their driving test because they've had limited experience driving in unfamiliar driving environments and situations. Safe lane changing across 'busy' multiple lanes is a high priority testing requirement of Transport and Main Roads. You will be placed in various on road driving situations where your driving skill and knowledge will be rigorously assessed. 


  1. Think it’s all about manoeuvres? These skills are expected and need to be so good that it becomes not just about the manoeuvre but what is happening around you. Many learner drivers fail their driving test because of the other hazards they didn't observe while doing their manoeuvres!

  2. Road rule refresher. When was the last time you went back through the road rules and reflected on your own driving experiences in relation to those rules? Road rules keep you and your loved ones safe. By understanding misunderstood road rules you can use and apply that knowledge as a defensive driving strategy.


  1. Listen and learn. Ask yourself honestly ‘Am I really ready to sit my practical driving test?’ What criteria have you used to make this decision? Professional driving lessons are an important ingredient to safe driving and driver licence preparation. And only practice and practical knowledge from an experienced driver – preferably a driving instructor! - will prepare you to pass your test first go.


So are you really ready to go for your driving test?

If you think you need a practice run before the big day, book an Ace Mock Test package with one of our qualified driving instructors.They are ready and waiting to prepare you for your big day with best practice driving 'tips and tricks' but also the calm and confidence needed to pass the test with flying colours (even first go!)


Don't be in too much of a rush to get on the road without the right preparation...

Remember, 'practice makes perfect' and 'slow and steady (can) win the race!

Ace Mock Driving Test - $70

Our Mock Test will put you through a practice run of the practical driving test used by the Department of Transport and Main Roads.

This package includes the following:

  • 1 hour lesson in a dual controlled driving school vehicle with a qualified driving instructor with many years of experience
  • Assessment of specific driving situations, manoeuvres, vehicle operation and hazard recognition/decisions - all the skills you need to pass your Practical Driving Test.
  • Pick up/return from home/school or work 





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