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Price is an important factor when choosing a driving school and customers are constantly looking for the best driving lesson deal available. Sometimes parents give their teenagers the responsibility of researching and buying lessons, making cost especially important.


Cheap is not always best.

Choosing the cheapest driving lessons doesn’t mean driving in circles for an hour. But it doesn't mean it's the best driving school either. 

It’s a qualified instructor’s duty to teach their students how to drive safely and understand and put into practice all the road rules they have learnt. Professional driving instructors must have a Certificate IV in Transport and Logistics, a valid Blue Card and follow the policies and procedures the driving school has set. It pays to choose an instructor that will help make your driving experience a calm and enjoyable one without yelling and stress.  And the best driving instructors will offer relevant tips, safe driving advice and information along the way. 


Location, location, location

Most might think about starting their driving lessons from home, but teenagers are at school for most of the day. They also have casual jobs, extracurricular activities, and other responsibilities.

Driving schools aren’t rigid in scheduling; they’re actually quite flexible. Teenage students can arrange for their driving lessons before or after school or even Saturdays and school holidays. They can even ask their instructor to pick them up after school or work and drop them home again after their lesson is complete. 

Driving instructors will start out in a small area so their students aren’t overwhelmed by busy roads and distractions. As they get more experience and build their confidence, the driving area will widen to include motorways, roads and streets with steep inclines, and suburbs a little further from home. 


Affordable Package deals

Driving lessons can be cheaper if they’re bought in packs. Three, five, or even ten-lesson packs are available at reduced hourly rates, depending on the school.

Ace, for example, has a three lesson intro pack for $165. This might seem expensive, but three lessons with a qualified driving instructor includes defensive driving skills and safe driver training from the moment you get behind the wheel. And it will give you the confidence needed to safely drive out in the real world. 

Don't forget, 3 hours of lessons equals nine hours of experience in a learner’s logbook. 10 hours of driving lessons equals 30 hours in your log book!


It can be a little overwhelming looking for driving lessons; especially when you’re looking for the cheapest ones. Tasking teenagers with finding affordable and professional driving lessons is a great learning experience in itself. It will teach responsibility for this next step in their future and give confidence in themselves. 


You can check out and easily book our lesson packages online whenever the learner driver in your life is ready to kick start their driving future.  


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