Road rage and how it affects learner drivers

By Regan
Driver Safety

Road rage is a universal problem. People get cut off at lights, drive too close, take a parking space not meant for them. The beast comes out in a frightening way that can traumatise learner drivers at the beginning of their journey.

It happens to everyone

It’s not just learner drivers at the receiving end of road rage. Drivers in general are inconsiderate. They’re focused on where they have to go and the time it takes to get there. The solution to whatever stands in their way is a loud toot of the horn or to swerve around other cars in front of them, sometimes spitting a hail of abuse.

Learning to take it

Road rage shakes learner driver’s confidence immensely. Sometimes it’ll be weeks for them to get back behind the wheel after one incident. Experienced drivers see L-Plates and roll their eyes because they think they’re going to get stuck behind an inexperienced slow-poke.

No driver should have to take road rage. It’s essentially bullying and can result in a fatal accident.

What can learner drivers do?

Road rage will always exist. Young people must learn to build up a resistance to it. Lucky for them, an experienced instructor is in the car to assure them everything is okay. Driving instructors, though indignant at the abuse, are used to it and will help their charge along while on the road.

What’s important is not to panic. A sudden honk will alarm you and the abuse will shake you. But your job is to drive safely. Let the bully honking the horn break the rules.

Another thing to do is move on to the next lesson and keep going. Unfortunately, road rage is always going to exist. Your progress is more important than a driver with a lead foot and a penchant for bad language.

But I feel really upset

That’s perfectly fine. Emotions run high in stressful situations, especially on the road. If it’s needed, your driving instructor can take over. Just take a big breath, listen to them, and keep your eyes on the road, whether a quiet backstreet or the motorway.

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