6 Painful Things About Being A Learner Driver You Must Endure

By Regan
Learning to Drive

learner driver

Young people under the age of 25 can’t avoid being a learner driver. It’s a rite of passage that sets you up for success, not to mention a lifetime behind the wheel. We know your pains all too well, including the following:

100 hours

These compulsory hours are clocked up between the driving instructor and anyone on their open license who guides you.

When you have lessons with a driving instructor, they’re worth 3 regular hours. This perk, though, is only eligible for 10 lessons. Any after that are worth one regular hour. As a learner driver, you need all the experienced help you can get, so having a few extra lessons is recommended, particularly before your test.

And if you’re thinking about driving by yourself unsupervised to get the hours up…don’t. Just don’t do it. It’s highly illegal and you will get caught. The penalty is losing your license for three months. Would you sacrifice three months of progress for an hour of alone time to get your numbers up?

Borrowing the car

This will last right into your provisional license unless you save up for a car of your own before your test. Parents and guardians are understanding and will let you borrow the car for the test and will continue to do so until you get your own. Brothers or sisters, though…maybe not.

Other impatient drivers

Road rage is an unavoidable problem. As a learner driver, you will come across those with a lot less patience than your driving instructor. Tailgating, hurling abuse, and other incidents can leave young people so shaken they can’t get back behind the wheel for weeks.

Even after you get your provisional license, road ragers will still hassle you and others. They’ll always exist and they don’t discriminate.

Asking Mum and Dad

Who do you ask to take you out for lessons? Asking Mum and Dad isn’t that hard but it can be awkward if you feel like you’re imposing on their time.

The nerves

On the road, the test, even merging onto the motorway makes your stomach jump into your throat. They’re a natural part of being a learner driver and they’ll eventually go away with a bit of practice.

All the tests

First comes the theory, then the practical assessment. Study up and you’ll pass on the first try!

Study up!

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Be a responsible driver.

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