How Driving a Manual Car Can Take You Further in Life

By Regan
Learning to Drive


What are the advantages of learning to drive a manual car? Here’s what you need to know.


Considering learning to drive a manual car? While automatic cars are certainly easier to figure out when it comes to learning to drive, you’d be surprised by the number of advantages a manual licence can bring.

Here’s are some of the benefits of learning how to drive in a manual car.


More Job Opportunities 

Having a manual licence opens the door to greater job opportunities! It allows you to get a truck or heavy vehicle licence should that be the path you wish to pursue. Alternatively, you’ll be able to safely drive a manual 4WD, bus, tour vehicle or corporate car that may open up more job opportunities . And you won’t be stopped in your tracks by an inability to operate a manual car!

If you’ve got a manual licence you can drive both types of cars, but it doesn’t work the opposite way if you only learn how to drive auto and get your automatic licence. Something to keep in mind if you’re thinking of future possibilities!


Keeping Cool Behind the Wheel

Got your eye on something slick? A manual car licence means you’ll be able to put the pedal to the metal (legally) in a variety of ‘cool’ cars that you wouldn’t be able to drive with an automatic licence. Think anything vintage or sports. If you’re a petrol head, this is the choice for you!


Overseas? Plan Your Hire Car Potential!

It’s generally cheaper to hire a manual car if you’re travelling in Europe or overseas. Think of the potential for exploring the open road with a bit more cash in your back pocket!

Manual cars are also somewhat cheaper to purchase on home soil. Wave that checked flag, this baby’s ready to rumble!



What if there’s an emergency situation and the only car available comes with a clutch? You won’t be caught short as you’ll be able to handle whatever’s coming up around the corner.


Learning to Drive a Manual Car


Sure, it’s more complicated and takes more practice. But that’s what professional instruction is for! Get your future off on the right foot and consider getting your manual licence.


Spring school holidays are coming so make your booking in advance! Ace has experienced driving instructors who are highly trained in providing instruction for manual drivers.


Interested? Book now with Stan, Jim or Eddy (our manual instructors) - and get further in life!


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