5 mistakes to avoid when taking your driving test

By Regan
Learning to Drive

It is the day of your driving test, and the lead-up to it, fills you with anticipation, nerves, and excitement. Rest assured, it is normal to feel lots of butterflies in your stomach before taking your test but these feelings shouldn’t control you.

If you want to pass the test, staying calm and remembering what you have learnt is the key to success.

Here are 5 common mistakes many learner drivers make...so you can avoid making them too!


1.You don’t book in with your instructor

Your driving instructor has got you this far in your driving journey. And you’ll need them when preparing for your driving test too. It’s common for students to meet their instructor the day before the test, or even the day of your test, to prepare for what is ahead. One more practice lesson will always help and you can even use your instructor's car for the driving test itself.

So, don't forget to book in with your driving instructor for your pre-driving test lesson. It will provide the confidence boost you will need and a refresher on the driving manoeuvres you will be tested on.  


2. You don’t pass (or study for) the road rules test

There’s two parts of the driving test: theory and practical. Every Queensland learner driver should have Your Keys to Driving in Queensland in their house. It’s essentially a copy of the road rules and a study aid. You’ll have a hard time passing any driving test if you don’t know the rules. So, do your home work and give yourself the best chance of success.


3. You don’t sleep or eat before the test

Learners about to take their driving test can feel so nervous or excited that they sometimes can't eat or sleep. Driving while tired is as dangerous as driving under the influence, and you can’t concentrate properly if you’re hungry. The day of your driving test, make sure you’ve had a good night’s sleep, a decent meal and be sure to keep up your fluids. Looking after yourself will keep you mentally alert and functioning at your best, setting you up for your best chance of success. 


4. You forget to indicate, wait, or speed

Forgetting to do any of these key road safety and driving skills will probably cut your test short.

You know what to do, when to indicate, and what the speed limit is. It’s your time to make all your driving lessons pay off. All those hours of time and practice have shown you what to do when. And your driving instructor has shown you how to park, merge, and change gears without taking your eyes off the road for too long.

So..take a deep breath, calm your mind... and remember what you have learnt. 


5. You don’t treat the examiner nicely

No two test examiners are the same; some will be friendly and relaxed, others a little more direct and serious. 

But it’s their job to make sure that learners taking the test are fit to pass it and to be fair and responsible. They are doing a job and need to put safety on the road first. 

Remember, they are not there to scare you or hold you back, so stay calm and be yourself. And treat the examiner with the same respect and courtesy you expect from them. 


There is no doubt that most people feel nervous before taking a test. Your driving test will be no different. 

If you can, keep your eye on the prize, stay calm and remember all you have learnt over the past 12 months or so. And you will have the best chance to pass your test.

So remember, call your instructor, get a good night’s sleep and don't forget to indicate!

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