Driver Assessments


At Ace, we want to help make sure you are safe behind the wheel and get you back on the road.

You may have taken a break from driving or have been unable to drive due to injury or illness. You might even be looking to upgrade your skills or need practice in defensive driving or dealing with particular driving conditions (night driving, wet roads, freeways etc).

You could simply need to get a license renewal or Australian driving license. We can help.

To build confidence and to stay safe, we provide refresher driving lessons, license renewals & upgrades plus driver assessments.

We work closely with local employers, employment agencies, occupational therapists and doctors to make sure that when you are ready to get back on the road, we can help you in a safe and friendly environment that boosts your confidence and driving abilities.

Our qualified driving instructors and lessons provide the most current knowledge and practical experience of Australian driving standards. And we aim to teach best practice driving skills that will help make being on the road safe and enjoyable for many years to come.

Our workplace, medical, and occupational therapist-assisted assessments include off-road and on-road testing.

We look for reaction times, how well you plan and execute getting your vehicle from A to B, and of course, current knowledge of signs and Queensland road rules.

We also look out for how effective your strategic thinking and decision-making responses are In the case of medical or occupational therapist assessments. Working with your provider to ensure we agree on whether continuing to drive is the best course of action or if modifications to your vehicle are needed. And how best to move forward in either case.

Our assessments include:

  • Road rules refresher & road craft assessment
  • Observation of vehicle skill and driving behavior's
  • Review and Examination of drivers situational awareness - how road rules are used in various traffic situations & preventative driving strategies including Hazards review and how to handle them (pedestrians, other vehicles, stationary objects, driving in heavy traffic)
  • Unbiased assessment of overall ability to handle a vehicle in real conditions & situations.
  • Coaching on how to improve & build confidence on the road
  • Recommendations on vehicle modifications (if required)
  • Review of the three key elements to a safe driving experience - the driver, the vehicle and the destination
  • Tailored training for employee or student driver needs

Whatever your situation, Ace can help you make the right decisions to get back on the road safely.

We will work with you, or your employees, to provide a tailored driving solution so that you feel comfortable behind the wheel. We are committed to providing an enjoyable learning experience …and safety on the road always.

To continue your driving journey with one of our trusted and qualified driver instructors,

please contact the Ace team on 07 3822 6288 or email

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