Prevention is Better than Cure - Why Your Child Needs A Driving Instructor

Written by Michelle Lanceley

You’re a good driver. You’ve never got a fine, any accident you’ve been in wasn’t your fault and your insurance premiums speak of your fine track record.

But if you had to take your test again today, would you be confident you know all the road rules? How sure are you that you’re the best one to teach your child when it comes to operating a vehicle in traffic?


Ace Driving School’s Guarantee To Parents


What do you get when you book lessons with a professional driving instructor? When you choose Ace Driving School, you’re choosing an understanding driving school who can cater lessons towards your child as an individual.

  • Calm, confident delivery of driving expectations and best practise in a safe, secure vehicle
  • 10 hours with a driving instructor is the equivalent of 30 hours in a driving logbook
  • A gradual building of experience and confidence on the roads in a range of conditions and areas
  • Lessons that will suit a family budget and are offered at convenient times, including after school and on Saturdays
  • The convenience of booking lessons online


Ace Driving School offers lessons from experienced, professional driving instructors and is backed by a long-standing reputation for quality in the industry. We love what we do and we do it well.


What Do You Stand To Lose When Going It Alone?


Many parents question whether or not taking car driving lessons in Brisbane is worth it. Ask yourself the following.

  • Do I have at least 100 hours spare to devote to practice?
  • Am I confident in my own abilities to calmly explain road rules?
  • If we crash, am I covered?
  • Will this create conflict with my teen?
  • Do I know the road rules that will be covered in the test?
  • Is my car suitable for my child to learn in?


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