The perfect gift for a teenager.

Written by Michelle Lanceley


Need present ideas for a teenager in your life? 


To get them started on the 'road to independence', whether you are a parent, grandparent, aunt/uncle or even a group of friends chipping in together, the 'gift of driving' is sure to be a winner. 

For most young people, turning 16 is the age when you can legally start driving to get your car licence.

A pre-paid gift voucher for a handful of driving lessons could be the best present for a difficult-to-buy-for young person. And what a great start to this often costly and time consuming process...

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The best driving lessons for teens

Written by Leanne Simpson

lesson packages


Price is an important factor when choosing a driving school and customers are constantly looking for the best driving lesson deal available. Sometimes parents give their teenagers the responsibility of researching and buying lessons, making cost especially important.


Cheap is not always best.

Choosing the cheapest driving lessons doesn’t mean driving in circles for an hour. But it doesn't mean it's the best driving school either. 

It’s a qualified instructor’s duty to teach their students how to drive safely and understand and put into practice all the road rules they have learnt. Professional driving instructors must have a Certificate IV in Transport and Logistics, a valid Blue Card and follow the policies and procedures the driving school has set. It pays to choose an instructor that will help make your driving experience a calm and enjoyable one without yelling and stress.  And the best driving instructors will offer relevant tips, safe driving advice and information along the way. 

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The affordable driving school that gives great advice

Written by Leanne Simpson

Yes, Ace is an affordable driving school providing value for money in more ways than one. Our students leave our lessons feeling confident in their driving abilities while having fun at the same time.

There’s so much more to being a good driver than executing a perfect turn. The 'outside-of-the-car' stuff like insurance matters too. We’ve gathered some helpful links and driving advice for our students (and their parents) to walk through before test day.


Finding a car

Saving for a car and hunting for the right one is half the fun of learning to drive. During your driving lessons as a student, you’ll become familiar with both the instructor’s and your guardian’s car.

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Be a responsible driver and do these 5 things, post driving school

Written by Leanne Simpson

Graduating driving school fills you with endorphins and dreams of speeding off into the sunset. But, as it’s said in the Queensland Government’s ‘Join the Drive’ campaign, settle down stallion! Besides this, we have five other ways for you to be a responsible driver, post driving school.

Put the phone away

Mobile phones contribute to over 80% of on-road accidents every year. Your Instagram, Facebook and Twitter feeds are sources of distraction that don’t belong in your car. Especially not when you’re driving.

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Buying a car after driving school: what you should know

Written by Leanne Simpson

You’re close to finishing your 100 hours and there’s just a few more lessons of practice with the driving school. You’ve probably done heaps of shopping over the years but now you’re ready for…
Buying your first car!
But before you run through the car yard like a child in a chocolate shop just understand this, you might not get your dream car. Not yet, anyway. You only just graduated driving school and got your license so you must take it slow. We’ve listed a few things to help you along so you make the ‘right’ choice.

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Essentials you need to take care of before graduating driving school

Written by Leanne Simpson

Your time in driving school is valuable. You’ll learn skills there that you won’t anywhere else. It’s exciting to finish the 100 hours and pass the test, but hold on before you snatch the keys and drive off into the sunset. There’s some essential jobs you need to take care of first.

Highways and merging

Two pet terrors for learner drivers everywhere. Driving instructors will take their students onto highways and teach them how to merge properly. This only happens, though, during the later lessons with the driving school.

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Don’t make these 5 mistakes the day of your driving test

Written by Leanne Simpson

The day of your driving test, and the lead-up to it, fills you with anticipation, nerves, and excitement. By the time you start the test, it’s normal to feel the butterflies in your stomach. But these feelings shouldn’t control you, not if you want to pass the test. We have a list of common mistakes many learner drivers have made in the past, so you won’t do the same!

You don’t book in with your instructor

Your instructor’s gotten you this far in your journey, and you’ll need them when preparing for your test. It’s common for students to meet their instructor the day before the test, or even the day of, for one more practice. They’ll even use the car for the driving test itself.

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6 Painful Things About Being A Learner Driver You Must Endure

Written by Leanne Simpson

Young people under the age of 25 can’t avoid being a learner driver. It’s a rite of passage that sets you up for success, not to mention a lifetime behind the wheel. We know your pains all too well, including the following:

100 hours

These compulsory hours are clocked up between the driving instructor and anyone on their open license who guides you.

When you have lessons with a driving instructor, they’re worth 3 regular hours. This perk, though, is only eligible for 10 lessons. Any after that are worth one regular hour. As a learner driver, you need all the experienced help you can get, so having a few extra lessons is recommended, particularly before your test.

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Road rage and how it affects learner drivers

Written by Leanne Simpson

Road rage is a universal problem. People get cut off at lights, drive too close, take a parking space not meant for them. The beast comes out in a frightening way that can traumatise learner drivers at the beginning of their journey.

It happens to everyone

It’s not just learner drivers at the receiving end of road rage. Drivers in general are inconsiderate. They’re focused on where they have to go and the time it takes to get there. The solution to whatever stands in their way is a loud toot of the horn or to swerve around other cars in front of them, sometimes spitting a hail of abuse.

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