Essentials you need to take care of before graduating driving school

By Regan
Learning to Drive

Your time in driving school is valuable. You’ll learn skills there that you won’t anywhere else. It’s exciting to finish the 100 hours and pass the test, but hold on before you snatch the keys and drive off into the sunset. There’s some essential jobs you need to take care of first.

Highways and merging

Two pet terrors for learner drivers everywhere. Driving instructors will take their students onto highways and teach them how to merge properly. This only happens, though, during the later lessons with the driving school.

If your driving instructor asks you if there’s any areas you want to focus on, ask if it’s possible to get on the highway for another lesson or two. You probably won’t get on any freeways during your driving test. It’s good, though, to have confidence in a high-speed, high-traffic area.


Teenage and younger drivers haven’t had to worry about insurance cover because it’s always been something the parents take care of. This changes when you finish driving school or even before.

CTP insurance (compulsory third party) provides the driver cover for any legal liability for injury and death as a result of an accident for which the insured is responsible – be it for other drivers, passengers, pedestrians or cyclists.

When you purchase a car for yourself, there’s CTP insurance premiums to look at and other fees like license renewal and petrol. Look at insurance providers with someone experienced like your parents. Ideally, premiums should cover nominated drivers and include bonuses like providing a rental when your vehicle is in for repairs.

Car maintenance

When you drive, you’re responsible for yourself, your passengers and the car. You’ll learn the below skills over time. They’re certainly handy in a pinch:

  • - Inflating a tyre
  • - Checking oil levels
  • - Checking and refilling water


It’s better to ask your parents/older siblings, basically people you trust, about a reputable mechanic. They’re your best friend when your car’s been in an accident or needs an annual checkup. The mechanic changes oil, rotates tyres, replaces engine belts and more. There’s a lot out there who over-inflate their prices so it’s better to stick with the ‘family mechanic’ if you have one.

School parking

If you buy a car when you’re still at school, it’s exciting to drive yourself there…but what about parking? Some schools require students to ask permission before they can park on school property. You’ve never had to worry about this during the driving school days because you were picked up or dropped off, but this changes when you get a car of your own.

Around Brisbane there’s tricky parking rules ALL drivers must navigate. Parking meters, tow-away zones, residents permits and more are just some of the frustrating barriers found daily.

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