Manual Lessons

Reasons to learn to drive a manual transmission car include:  it’s more challenging and you need to stay alert to operate the car, you have more control over the car itself and it provides a great starting point for any transportation careers. 

You can also drive classic cars, drive any car in an emergency or even drive a rental car overseas where manual transmission is more common.

Whatever your reason, we can teach you the ins and outs of driving a manual so you learn to drive safely and with confidence.

Feel nervous about hill-starts, bunny-hops and stalling at the lights? That’s all part of the experience – and you might even laugh about it one day!  

At Ace, we will guide you through the learning process and help you relax behind the wheel. You will learn smooth gear transitions and other tricky manual car man-oeuvres and also how to stay calm in potentially stressful situations on the road.

We will work with you and practice any areas you need help with, providing feedback and support along the way. And we will be right beside you (literally!) with our dual-controlled cars to keep you safe.

With our safety focused and friendly guidance, you will be driving manual on-the-road before you know it. At Ace, we aim to take the stress out of driving and to get you on the road as soon as you are ready. No pressure, and no yelling...

Learning to drive with the Ace team is the way to go!

Lessons and Packages Manual

1 Hour Lesson


1.5 Hour Lesson


3 Lessons (Introductory Package)


5 Lesson Package


10 Lesson Package


Test Package



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