• Drives an Automatic Toyota Corolla hatchback which is Takata airbag compliant.
  • Northside suburbs: north to Strathpine, across to Brackenridge and Banyo to inner City North Side, out to Ferny Grove, Upper Kedron, Bridgeman Dns.
  • Roger has a passion for training his students in safe & defensive driving skills in a variety of situations.
  • Many driving instructors continually grab the steering wheel. I have heard of many horrific situations from my students where previous instructors have refused to allow them to develop their skill base because they continually interfere in the tactile management of the motor vehicle (irrespective of their previous driving experience). It is the skill and knowledge of the driving instructor to find that middle ground where the student feels good about their driving, without compromising safety. Learning to drive, as it is with Keys2Drive, is to 'find your own way'. A good instructor allows you to make mistakes, not dangerous mistakes, but mistakes that allow you to reflect and to learn from them. It is that practise and reflection that leads to skill, knowledge and hopefully the right driving attitude. It is these key ingredients that is COMPETENCY, so to is the instructor's role to challenge the learner. The places you drive to, the manoeuvres you do and how you go about doing them.  Your instructor needs to document these manoeuvres for you, provide notes, they need to be able to freely discuss in a learning way, demonstrate and allow you time and space to learn and grow. Not in some shallow way, but "deeply". This is my passion as an experienced driving educator.
  • Roger has degrees in BA BEd Assoc Dip Bus Cert IV (Training and Assessment) and is a Keys2drive accredited instructor.
  • As a Registered school teacher in Queensland, Roger holds a current Blue Card Exemption.
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