Vehicle: Toyota Corolla Hybrid

Transmission: Automatic

Experience: Over 13 years

Languages Spoken: English, Tagalog




***Night Bookings by Phone Appointment Only***


Introducing Rosemarie: A Journey of Patience and Expertise on Australian Roads

Meet Rosemarie, a seasoned driving instructor with a wealth of experience spanning over two decades on the roads of Australia. Originally hailing from the picturesque Philippines, Rosemarie brought her passion for driving and a commitment to safety to the diverse landscapes of her adopted home.

With more than 20 years behind the wheel in Australia, Rosemarie has not only mastered the intricacies of the road but has also dedicated 13 years to imparting her knowledge as a driving instructor. Her journey as an instructor has been marked by a deep-seated patience and a calm demeanor that has endeared her to countless students.

Rosemarie finds joy in the art of teaching and has developed a unique approach that goes beyond the technicalities of driving. She believes in building strong bonds with her students, creating an environment that fosters trust and confidence. Through her patient guidance, Rosemarie has witnessed the triumphs of numerous learners as they successfully navigate the challenges of obtaining their driver's license.

In the driver's seat, Rosemarie is not just an instructor; she is a mentor who takes pride in seeing her students pass with flying colors. Her commitment to excellence extends beyond the confines of the car, as she instills in her students a deep understanding of road safety and responsible driving habits.

Rosemarie's journey from the vibrant streets of the Philippines to the diverse roads of Australia is a testament to her adaptability and passion for road safety. Whether you are a novice driver or someone looking to refine your skills, Rosemarie offers a unique blend of experience, patience, and a genuine love for seeing her students succeed on the open road.



Test Centre's Covered

  • Carseldine
  • Zillmere
  • Strathpine
  • Redcliffe
  • Greenslopes


License's and Certifications:

"C" Car - Manual

Fully Accredited Driving Instructor in Qld

Current Blue Card.


Student Feedback    

Reviews 5 Star Rating


After having a bad experience with another driving school I thought I would never be able to feel comfortable with another instructor again. Rosemarie diminished all those fears from me and not only was she welcoming, friendly and great to have a chat with and connect with but her instructions and teaching is relaxed and made me feel more calm at the wheel rather than making me feel that I’ve done something terrible. Because of Rosemarie she is why I will be booking more lessons with Ace again !!!!


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