Car Type: Toyota Yaris

Transmission: Automatic

Experience: 14 Years

Languages Spoken: English


Are you searching for a skilled and experienced driving instructor on Brisbane's northside? Look no further! I'm Fernando, a dedicated driving instructor with a passion for educating people in the art of driving. Since 2009, I have been honing my teaching skills and helping students develop the necessary knowledge and skills to become confident and responsible drivers.

Teaching is not just a job for me; it's a calling. I possess a natural talent for educating people, especially in driving. It brings me immense satisfaction to know that I have imparted knowledge that my students will utilize in their everyday lives. This sense of fulfillment serves as my motivation to continue providing exceptional instruction.

Creating a calm and friendly learning environment is crucial to me. I understand that learning to drive can be a daunting experience, which is why I strive to ensure my students feel at ease and can focus on their driving. With my patient and supportive approach, I am able to guide learners of all backgrounds and experience levels through the process of acquiring essential driving skills.

Teaching is not just about passing the driving test; it's about equipping students with the skills and good driving habits that will last a lifetime. With my extensive knowledge of road rules, particularly in the test environment, gained from my experience as a Driving Examiner, I am well-equipped to prepare you for success. If you're looking to learn the best tips and tricks to pass your driving test, I am the right person for you.

I specialize in training nervous individuals behind the wheel. I have developed effective techniques to help anxious learners build their confidence and overcome their fears. Additionally, I excel in teaching all types of maneuvers, ensuring that you master them with precision and ease.

Your learning experience is my priority, and I guarantee that my sessions will be both enjoyable and enriching. I am excited to meet new people from diverse backgrounds and guide them towards becoming skilled and responsible drivers.

If you're ready to embark on a journey of learning and growth, book your driving lessons with me, Fernando. Together, we will build your confidence, teach you invaluable skills, and prepare you for a lifetime of safe and enjoyable driving. I look forward to meeting you in person and helping you achieve your driving goals.



Test Centre's Covered

  • Zillmere
  • Greenslopes
  • Toowong


License's and Certifications:

"C" Car - Manual

Fully Accredited Driving Instructor in Qld

Current Blue Card.

Experienced in teaching safe & defensive driving.

Former driving examiner


Student Feedback    

Meg B

Fernando was an extremely calm and knowledgeable teacher. He helped me achieve getting my licence in only a few months of lessons. I would highly recommended him to anyone. Thank you Fernando!

Abirami G

Fernando has been great instructor. Thank you for his guidance and patience to overcome my mistakes. He guided me correct and fixed my mistakes. His strategies made me passed the test without any issue in Zilmere.

Al Bukuya

Reuben had already completed his 100 hrs prior to joining Fernando at Ace Driving School, and Fernando was fantastic in helping Reuben to tweak some of his habits and prepare him for the big test.
Fernando has is calm and supportive as a person which made him a suitable driver teacher. He is also an extremely experienced driver teacher.
Thanks Fernando.

Reviews 5 Star Rating


Instructor Fernando is one of the best instructors one can ask for. Patient, punctual, knowledgeable and definitely well experience in teaching driving. The fear of driving is taken away and confidence boosted when I did lessons with him.he makes it his priority to build confidence in his students to drive and when I passed he was genuinely happy for me. He is definitely an asset to the organisation, and any student of Fernando is guaranteed to be confident on the day of the test.


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