Vehicle: Hyundai Accent

Transmission: Automatic

Experience: Over 14 years

Languages Spoken: English, Afrikaans


Welcome to the Gold Coast's premier destination for top-notch driving instruction! With a passion for cultivating safe and confident drivers, I embarked on my journey as a driving instructor in May 2009, amassing an impressive 14 years of industry experience. Originally based in Perth, I honed my skills before making the exciting move to the Gold Coast in 2014.

Over the years, I've had the privilege of instructing in various areas, starting in Helensvale and Southport and eventually finding my niche in Varsity Lakes, Southport, and Burleigh. My extensive knowledge of the test routes in all three license centers ensures that my students are well-prepared for success on the road.

My commitment to driving education goes beyond the standard curriculum. In Perth, I actively collaborated with INDEPENDENT LIVING, now known as INDIGO SOLUTIONS, conducting assessments with occupational therapists for individuals with Autism, Aspergers, and those recovering from strokes or surgeries.

Innovative and effective teaching methods define my approach. I developed the 'Narrative Technique,' a three-stage process that enhances focus and observational skills. Students verbally articulate their actions inside and outside the vehicle, fostering a heightened awareness that proves invaluable for both nervous beginners and advanced drivers.

I've further enriched my instructional arsenal by studying Self Hypnosis and specializing in EFT or Tapping, deploying these techniques to help nervous learners achieve remarkable results.

As students approach their test dates and accumulate 100 hours, I introduce the 'Real Life Situations' method. This hands-on experience includes tasks such as fueling up at a petrol station, handling drive-throughs, and mastering essential car maintenance—a comprehensive approach that extends beyond basic test maneuvers.

My goal is not just to guide students through their tests but to mold safer drivers. I bring a unique perspective to the table, ensuring that each student gains the skills and confidence needed for a lifetime of secure driving.

Beyond the wheel, I am a proud non-smoker and a Toastmasters member for over a decade. My diverse interests include gym workouts, personal growth, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, reading, and indulging in photography and videography. Originally hailing from South Africa, I've called Australia home for 23 years.

Choose a driving instructor who goes the extra mile—literally and figuratively. Join me on the journey to becoming a skilled and responsible driver here on the stunning Gold Coast!



Test Centre's Covered

  • Southport
  • Helensvale
  • Burleigh


License's and Certifications:

"C" Car - Manual & Automatic

Fully Accredited Driving Instructor in Qld

Current Blue Card.

Experienced in teaching safe & defensive driving.

Advanced and Defensive Driver trainer.


Student Feedback    

Reviews 5 Star Rating


Not content with the first driving school decided to try another. I had a great experience with Ace Driving School, my teacher Alan had great experience in dealing with a nervous and stressed new driver. His willingness to make sure I pass the test and not only take my money was admirable to say the least. He made me comfortable, taught me with encouragement and most of all he helped me in believing in myself and took all my doubts. I don’t need to say that I passed the test and now with my driving license in hand wish to thank Ace Driving School in having great teachers like Alan.


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