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Would you like to become a driving instructor? Do you like the idea of having marketing done for you and an admin team at your back so you can just drive? 

Due to an overwhelming amount of new students, Ace Driving School has immediate positions for Driving Instructors in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Logan and Scenic Rim areas

For the right person becoming a driver instructor is an exciting career choice with flexibility of running your own business with our support with bookings online and admin.

Welcome to Ace Driving School - Your Pathway to a Fulfilling Teaching Career as a Driving Instructor!

If you're enthusiastic about teaching others how to drive safely and confidently, or if you're an experienced Driving Instructor seeking new opportunities, you've come to the right place! Ace Driving School is actively seeking dedicated Driving Instructors to join our dynamic team in Brisbane, Logan and the Gold Coast.

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Why Choose Ace Driving School?

More like why not Ace Driving School, we understand that some individuals may be new to the industry or may require additional training. That's why we deal with Watto’s Training, a reputable organization renowned for its expertise in training safe and reliable Driving Instructors. Watto’s, provides comprehensive training to equip you with the skills and knowledge necessary to become an exceptional Driving Instructor. We are also members off the Australian Driver Trainer Association and encourage our Instructors to be as well.

We have two instructor options available:

1. Use Your Own Vehicle, if you already have a reliable vehicle, set up with dual controls, you can opt to use it for driving lessons. In this arrangement, Ace Driving School will pay a commission per lesson, providing you with a hassle-free way to earn while using your own resources.

2. Hire our Vehicle: If you do not wish to use your own vehicle. This arrangement includes additional benefits such as the vehicle log book servicing, registration paid and even tyres replaced. Leaving you free to concentrate on delivering high-quality driving lessons.

Ace Driving School can also assist with the purchasing of your vehicle with our strong relationships with a number of Dealerships around the Brisbane and Gold Coast Areas. We are also always looking at other benefits we can offer our team.

Ace Driving School caters to learners of both manual and automatic vehicles. We welcome instructors with expertise in either transmission type, ensuring that you can leverage your skills and expertise to meet the needs of a diverse range of students.

Why Join the Ace Driving School Team?

Wouldn’t you want a rewarding career as a Driving Instructor?

As a Driving Instructor you have the unique opportunity to positively impact people's lives by teaching them an essential life skill. Empower new drivers to navigate the roads confidently and responsibly, contributing to safer communities for everyone.

At Ace Driving School, we highly value our team and provide a supportive and inclusive environment. You'll join an established team of passionate professionals who are committed to delivering exceptional driver training. We foster a culture of continuous learning and growth, providing ongoing support and resources to help you excel in your role. Our friendly admin team is on call during business hours to book appointments and handle incoming phones calls, leaving you free to concentrate on the most important part, teaching students to drive confidently and safely.

Enjoy the flexibility and work-life balance on offer here, with the freedom of setting your own schedule and achieving that goal. We understand that each person's circumstances are unique, and we make every effort to accommodate your availability while ensuring a steady flow of students.

Join the Ace Driving School team today and embark on a satisfying journey as a Driving Instructor. Help shape the confident and responsible drivers of tomorrow, and be part of a supportive community that recognizes and appreciates your expertise and contributions.

Together, let's make a safer future for our kids!

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