How Driving a Manual Car Can Take You Further in Life

Written by David Cullen


What are the advantages of learning to drive a manual car? Here’s what you need to know.


Considering learning to drive a manual car? While automatic cars are certainly easier to figure out when it comes to learning to drive, you’d be surprised by the number of advantages a manual licence can bring.

Here’s are some of the benefits of learning how to drive in a manual car.


More Job Opportunities 

Having a manual licence opens the door to greater job opportunities! It allows you to get a truck or heavy vehicle licence should that be the path you wish to pursue. Alternatively, you’ll be able to safely drive a manual 4WD, bus, tour vehicle or corporate car that may open up more job opportunities . And you won’t be stopped in your tracks by an inability to operate a manual car!

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Hitting the road? Here are 4 rules that will save you big time!

Written by David Cullen



"Can I use my phone on hands free?"

"How many passengers can I carry at a certain time?"

"Who can supervise my driving?"



Do you know the restrictions that apply to you as a new driver on the road?


You’ve passed your L's test and are learning to drive or have recently passed your P-plates. Congratulations! 

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Winter is Coming... the importance of gaining night driving experience

Written by David Cullen



Winter has actually arrived...and July School Holidays are a great time to get some driving practice in!


Licencing laws in Queensland require learners to log 100 hours, including 10 hours of night driving (between sunset and sunrise). This poses very different challenges for both learners and instructors. Vision and depth perception at night are very different than during the day.

While the most common time for accidents is during peak hour, it’s no surprise that the stakes are markedly higher when it comes to night driving. Learners need as much night-time practice as possible – and winter school holidays present the perfect opportunity to do just that! The sun sets earlier in winter (about 5pm) so that means more potential time to get on the road.

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Think you're ready to pass your driving test? Read this first.

Written by David Cullen


Do you really know what is required to pass the driving test?


Our driving instructors have many years of professional driving experience and have seen it all - including temper tantrums when drivers fail their test and blame the examiner for having a bad day!

Be prepared


Many learner drivers do not realise the level of skills and competency required nor what they are actually being tested for on the road.

Here are 6 tips on how to be best prepared and what is required to pass the test from one of our experienced driving instructors.

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Give the gift of driving...and have an Ace Christmas!

Written by Leanne Simpson


Looking for the perfect Christmas gift? 


We have Ace driving packages to 'gift' or book online.




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Prevention is Better than Cure - Why Your Child Needs A Driving Instructor

Written by David Cullen

You’re a good driver. You’ve never received a driving fine and any accident you’ve been in wasn’t your fault. And your insurance premium and 'no claim bonus' is a testament of your fine track record!

But, if you had to take your test again today, would you be confident you know all the road rules and pass first go?

How sure are you that you’re the best one to teach your child when it comes to operating a vehicle in traffic and other potentially hazardous and stressful situations?

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The perfect gift for a teenager.

Written by David Cullen


Need present ideas for a teenager in your life? 


To get them started on the 'road to independence', whether you are a parent, grandparent, aunt/uncle or even a group of friends chipping in together, the 'gift of driving' is sure to be a winner. 

For most young people, turning 16 is the age when you can legally start driving to get your car licence.

A pre-paid gift voucher for a handful of driving lessons could be the best present for a difficult-to-buy-for young person. And what a great start to this often costly and time consuming process...

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The best driving lessons for teens

Written by Leanne Simpson

lesson packages


Price is an important factor when choosing a driving school and customers are constantly looking for the best driving lesson deal available. Sometimes parents give their teenagers the responsibility of researching and buying lessons, making cost especially important.


Cheap is not always best.

Choosing the cheapest driving lessons doesn’t mean driving in circles for an hour. But it doesn't mean it's the best driving school either. 

It’s a qualified instructor’s duty to teach their students how to drive safely and understand and put into practice all the road rules they have learnt. Professional driving instructors must have a Certificate IV in Transport and Logistics, a valid Blue Card and follow the policies and procedures the driving school has set. It pays to choose an instructor that will help make your driving experience a calm and enjoyable one without yelling and stress.  And the best driving instructors will offer relevant tips, safe driving advice and information along the way. 

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The affordable driving school that gives great advice

Written by Leanne Simpson

driving instructor and student

Yes, Ace is an affordable driving school providing value for money in more ways than one. Our students leave our lessons feeling confident in their driving abilities while having fun at the same time.

There’s so much more to being a good driver than executing a perfect turn. The 'outside-of-the-car' stuff like insurance matters too. We’ve gathered some helpful links and driving advice for our students (and their parents) to walk through before test day.


Finding a car

Saving for a car and hunting for the right one is half the fun of learning to drive. During your driving lessons as a student, you’ll become familiar with both the instructor’s and your guardian’s car.

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5 ways to be a responsible driver after driving school

Written by Leanne Simpson

Graduating driving school fills you with endorphins and dreams of speeding off into the sunset. But, as it says in the Queensland Government’s ‘Join the Drive’ campaign, settle down stallion!

Here are five ways to be a responsible driver when you get your driving licence and post driving school.


1. Put the phone away

Mobile phones contribute to over 80% of on-road accidents every year. Your Instagram, Facebook and Twitter feeds are sources of distraction that don’t belong in your car. Especially not when you’re driving.

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